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You might wish to find a company that will bring the picture; you have in mind to life. To you I say, stop wondering and sign up on Fine Punching. Fine Punching dig deep down in your soul and extract the information you are trying to communication with us. Like caps, small letter, jacket pack embroidery designs, we have the resources and employees to produce the best-left chest embroidery designs, too.

The designs, we create, are made up of several individual and dutiable elements. Although the images are smaller compared to Bitmap images, the end image can be scaled up or down. Rest assured, the quality and resolution of the images won't be affected. We can enhance your images at any level through the use of Photoshop by our skilled employees.

It doesn't matter if you want to self-create your own designs; we are still at your service if you require any sort of help. All you have to do it contact us at our email or call us on our number +1 (716) 406-4433 and we will be there to help you through.

So the question arises,

How are you going to create better Left Chest Embroidery Designs than other companies?

The simple answer to that question lies in the built-in skills our employees have been trained with. They are aware of the major concerns of creating a left chest logo; which is why they have generated solutions of every issue.

First and foremost concern most left chest embroidery designs have with duplicating the design is the blending of colors. It is, still, possible to blend threads in a larger logo, but impossible for logos with small sizes. However, we, at Fine Punching, create the best color blended logos.

The only impossibility in embroidery is the duplication of thin letters. The limit of thread density we have doesn't allow us to duplicate thin letters. However, adjusting the thread count in the embroidery engine allows us to overcome the impossibilities. Our technicians and artists have worked well together to complete your order without any errors.

We don't let our customers get worried when it comes to sending the logos. Our customers are free to send us logos of any size and mention the size they want to digitize in. Although it is much better for customers to send us larger logos even if they require small sized designs. That way, we won't have to enlarge the logos and then work on completing their order.


As it is visible, the issues are solved better through digitized embroidery through our website. Our brand is available for you at any time of the day or night for the digitization of left chest embroidery designs.