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Marketing through customized embroidered logos is trending throughout the world. It has become every company's first plan to get popular in the market. The majority of the logos have accompanying letters that compliment the whole design. However, creating a design for small text lettering is one of the main obstacles to this business. Fine Punching have gathered artists from all around the town who don't find this issue a big challenge.

Our experts have the talent of digitizing small letters that are not only prominent but, also, beautiful. We are aware of the issues available and the ways to eradicate them.


There should be adequate space between letters being digitized for the creation of flawless designs. The marketing strategy doesn't only involve the display of letters, but the exhibition of readable words. Only then will it be beneficial for the company.


The appearance of the small letters is entirely dependent on the count of stitches of the embroidery. The density of the stitches depends on the type of fabric. Stitches of higher density require a heavier fabric. A lighter fabric will cause rough standout of letters.


As I mentioned earlier, the point of adding small letters to the design is to promote the brand. The more the promotion, the popular the brand will become. The digitization of the letters on the design should be done in a way that it makes it more efficient. For example, the minimum height of the letters should be 4mm, width 0.8mm and space between letters should be 5mm.


Looped letters are difficult to embroider as they require high-density stitches and proper spacing. Otherwise, it will spoil the whole logo. .

These are the issues that require special attention. Without making it our major concern, we will never be able to create perfectly readable and beautiful designs; which is why it is extremely necessary to find ways to eradicate these errors.

We, not only, deliver flawless digitized embroidery but offer full assistance in case our customers are having difficulty with their logos. It entirely depends on your will to either customize designs or place an order without any customization. We will deliver you the kind of design you are in search of. Our employees are aware of all the tricks required to stitch just the perfect size of small letters for our clients. You won't regret choosing us for the job.