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Searching for a right platform for your Patches might waste your time. We are glad that you have founded FINE PUNCHING which is a totally secure and trustworthy platform to resolve all your problems which are being faced by you. Congratulations..!! You have reached the right place. Here at FINE PUNCHING your imaginary ideas are converted into reality with high quality performance under the observation of Professionals.



The most complicated work in the process of making Patches is their cleanly punched FILES. We have Level 5+ Digitizers who work passionately and enthusiastically. Every minor detail is focused during the process of CREATING FILES. We possess the Art of designing different designs, styles and generating new concepts for you. Personal opinions of the most senior Artists are also shared when it is necessary.


You will be kept involved from the process of ordering till the completion of your order. You will be guided by our Senior Area Sales Executives at every point. These Seniors are highly trained with experience of the business market and will be friendly to share your ideas with. Even if you have no time for checking your emails continuously they will be available for you on Messenger to stress out your burden of work.


Most of the people end their mindset on just Embroidery. For this we are really excited to announce to you that FINE PUNCHING is a platform where you can meet your all needs and new market trends. EMBROIDERY, CHENILLE, PVC (Rubber), LEATHER (ENGRAVED & EMBOSSED), SUBLIMATION, WOVEN, METALLIC, APPLIQUE and so on. Everything is available on one platform.


Now we will look at how your production will proceed. We are required to “CONCEPT” no matter what format you have. It is enough for us  if you have your imagination, sketch, drawing, photograph from mobile, JPEG, Ai, PDF, PNG etc.  Let’s read some points about how we will work?


·         You will share your concept with us in any format as mentioned above.

·         Your concept will be converted into Vector format before moving forward for digitizing.

·         You will be kept in touch by our Senior Area Sales Representatives and will be sent the picture of your Artwork which will be created before digitizing for your approval.

·         You can share your opinion and can further instruct us to make changes.

·         Your Artwork will be sent to the DIGITIZE DEPARTMENT under the supervision of Professionals.

·         You will be shown a Digitized File of your Artwork before moving towards your production for your approval.

·         Your Artwork will be sewed onto our machine and a picture of a real sample will be shown to you.

·         You can further check it and can let us know your revisions and other instructions.

Once you’ve approved your final picture. We will start your production and it will be shipped to your address.


You have many options to select your desired Adhesive according to the nature of your Patch. If you have some issues in making a right decision we are here to help you out. Our team of Expert and Experienced Senior Area Sales Executives will properly guide you which backing you should select for your Patch. Let’s have an eye on some common Adhesives.

·         Iron-On

·         Sew-On

·         Velcro (Hook & Loop)

·         Peel and Stick

·         PVC Backing

·         Tuxedo Clip/ Safety Pin

                And so on.!


We are pleased to inform all the passionate peoples who have deep interest in the field of collecting different sorts of PATCHES. We have a Library of over 3,000 different Patches for POLICE, NAVY, ARMED FORCES and many more. Start your collection and avail the great offers with us.

You can not only purchase these collections but also can customize them as per your desire. If you find something unique and special on FACEBOOK and any other social platform, give us a try to make it exactly for you.


Prices are friendly and can be further negotiated. Now you can get your minimum order at a very reasonable price with FREE SHIPMENT and DELIVERY CHARGES..!! You can get a price quote with a FREE Sample picture of your Embroidery Patch.